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Better Javascript: Three women and one address book

Written on February 16th 2010

This is about three women and a javascript address book. The first woman is my mom. Though she does have a first name and a last name, I have been referring to her as mom for my whole life, so her entry in my address book should be labelled “Mom”.

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The art of escaping

Written on November 27th 2009

Escaping is the art of transforming a text into a transport format from which it can be extracted again without any modification.

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Javascript Challenge: Lotto Number Generator

Written on September 23rd 2009

The German lottery currently holds a jackpot of about 30 million Euro. A friend of mine took the bait and participated yesterday. Since he is a software developer, he wrote a small program to get him six random numbers in the range of 1 and 49.

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Handling the unexpected – Type safe functions in Javascript

Written on August 5th 2009

Javascript is a weird language. Great but weird. Take functions for example. You cannot only pass any type of arguments, you can also pass any number of arguments. This may be quite disturbing, especially for Java developers. Recently I had a discussion with a Java developer who complained about missing code assistance in Javascript, by which he meant no hint about the type of an argument.

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