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Aspect ratios in CSS

Written on July 31st 2017

The aspect ratio describes a relationship between the width and the height of something. Say, we have an image that is 400 pixels wide and 300 pixels high.

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The five features I like most about Opera (and Presto is none of them)

Written on February 20th 2013

Last week’s announcement of Opera dropping their rendering engine Presto and switching to WebKit stirred the world of web development quite a lot. At first I was like, no, they can’t do that, Opera is the best browser of the world, that will be lost!, but then I started to think about why Opera is the best browser to me.

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Mr Parse-Float and his co-workers

Written on January 24th 2013

Mr Parse-Float is a nice fella. He works in a number factory, where he turns strings into numbers. He has some co-workers, called Mr Implicit-Conversion and Mrs Number-Constructor. They all have the same task, but do it differently.

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On the phone with Mom – Throttle and Delay DOM-Events in Javascript

Written on September 17th 2011

Imagine you’re on the phone with your mom and she keeps on talking. And talking. And talking. And you keep on listening and listening. And listening. Every now and then your mom will throw in a “you still there?” to which you will murmur “uh huh”.

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Better Javascript: Updates on the address book

Written on March 2nd 2010

Last night I met Jennifer again and apart from being hot it turns out she’s pretty perceptive as well. When she read my previous article, she objected to some aspects of my address book.

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